Best browsers 2018: What’s the fastest, most secure PC browser?

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BT Devices How secure is your web browser? If you refuse to budge and upgrade your operating system, the least you can do is install the most secure web browser. By Jamie Harris Last updated:
fastest and safest web browser for windows 7

How secure is your web browser?

Chrome might seem like an obvious champion, but with Firefox on the rise again — more than million people have already installed its revamped Quantum version — and innovative new browsers such as Vivaldi and Brave introducing smart built-in tools, it might not necessarily be the right one for your needs.

Below, we examine what seven leading contenders have to offer in terms of features, customisation options, ease of use and performance. Best browsers Get Vivaldi now It was a close race for the top spot in our roundup, but in the end we gave it to a bright new hope. While most browsers now mimic the pared-down design of Chrome, Vivaldi more closely resembles older versions of Opera.

Web pages can be displayed in pull-out panels, navigated using mouse gestures, annotated for future reference, captured with the screenshot tool, grouped into tab “stacks” to save space or tiled to view them side by side.

Most browsers support keyboard shortcuts, but Vivaldi goes one step further by letting you create your own. It also gives you impressive control over your privacy settings, and lets you clear all your private data in one go. In our speed test, it came a close second for page-loading times, and it feels smooth and stable as you browse. This initially feels confusing, as buttons are still labelled “Add to Chrome”, but all the addons we tried worked perfectly in Vivaldi. Also, some elements seem like works in progress rather than finished features.

In its favour, Chrome has many useful built-in tools that work unobtrusively, including a form filler, spellchecker and password manager, and Google features such as Translate and voice control. Being able to search Google from your address bar and easily sync all your bookmarks, history, passwords, tabs and other data across all your devices is incredibly useful, and we like that the browser now warns you about dubious sites changes to your settings and harmful software.

A fourth S — speed — is also a given, with Chrome narrowly beating Vivaldi to the top spot in our performance test. Addons are often the biggest hogs, but it still makes Chrome less stable than other browsers. This is a travesty because Opera has introduced more innovations than any other browser, and its latest, 51st version offers such useful features as a built-in ad blocker, a screenshot tool, a sidebar for chatting to friends in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, a power-saving mode for laptop users and a pop-out video player.

Best of all, however, is the free VPN, which spoofs your IP address and encrypts your data to keep you safe and anonymous online. Opera was second-fastest in our speed test and uses significantly less memory than the two market leaders. Opera can seem a little confusing at first, because some of its best features are tucked away, and its interface feels slightly dated.

Best for tracker- and ad-blocking Get Brave now Created by the former CEO of Mozilla, Brave is the perfect browser for anyone concerned about staying safe online. Its powerful set of “shields” blocks all ads, cookies and scripts that compromise your privacy and security, and it automatically redirects you to the secure versions of websites to safeguard your personal data.

Statistics about the content the browser has blocked so far are usefully displayed on your New Tab page, along with photos, the current time and shortcuts to your favourite sites. None of these welcome features come at the expense of speed — with Brave doing respectfully in our performance test.

Brave eschews the extension-based model of Chrome and Firefox in favour of nine preselected tools. These include discount-finder Honey, a torrent client and rather unnecessarily four different password managers. Firefox Quantum: The best Mozilla browser in years Get Firefox Quantum now To say that the “reborn” version of Firefox, Quantum, is an improvement on previous releases is an understatement: Firefox now offers a built-in screenshot tool, a handy sidebar displaying your bookmarks, history and synced tabs, and a unified address and search bar.

Although not as instantly customisable as Vivaldi, Firefox Quantum lets you personalise your New Tab page and of course install thousands of extra tools from the Addons site.

Rather presumptuously, Mozilla has also integrated its read-it-later tool Pocket with the browser, but you can disable it through “about: Tor Browser: Tor comes with two powerful security tools preinstalled — NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere — and routes your web traffic through a series of “nodes” other computers to conceal your real IP address and location.

On the downside, Tor is noticeably slower than other browsers if you have all its security settings whacked up to the max, because of the roundabout way it connects you to the web. Sites that can only be accessed through Tor have convoluted “. Maxthon Cloud Browser: Notable tools include cloud sync across devices, a built-in ad blocker Adblock Plus , video downloader and screen-capture tool, a night mode to protect your eyes, customisable skins, as well as optional extras such as password manager, note-taking tool and virtual mailbox.

This surfeit of features also makes the browser slower to start and load pages than many of its rivals. Read more.

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Despite the increasing prevalence of apps to serve every need imaginable, the Web browser remains central to modern life. It’s a container for not just webpages, but truly active, interactive apps, even video conferencing and gaming. It’s your email reader, your music and video player, and potentially even your videoconferencing window. Web apps can now pop up notifications, use your camera and microphone, and handle advanced 3D visualizations. Fortunately, choice in Web browsers is only growing, after something of a period of stagnation.

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Commercial browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and the NSA in its PRISM mass surveillance program. By Cherlynn Low, LAPTOP Staff Writer | March 7, am. MORE. Lead_SF. When it comes to Web browsing on your Windows 8 tablet, chances are you’ve overall faster performance makes this app the Flash of the browser world. Superbird Browser is a web browser software based on Google Chrome. Alternative to Google Chrome; DuckDuckGo privacy search; Superbird Browser Plugins; Stable and faster web browsing Downloads . efficient, practical, well organised, extremely user-friendly, preserves privacy and internet safety in general.

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